It all depends on how big the property is, how many circuits are in the property and if a property has storage heaters or outbuildings. On average the cost is around £740 for a standard house with 5 circuits. 
Before a fuse board can be changed, your home electrics needs to be checked to see if your electrical equipment is in good enough condition for a new fuse board with sensitive safety fuses that make your electrics extra safe.
Responsible electricians will carry out a safety check before agreeing to change a fuse board:

  • They will check the Earth into your gas, water and oil mains.
  • They will check your cables are in a safe condition for you (by carrying out a insulation resistance test).
  • They will check the Earth coming into the property is in good condition.

When a fuse board is changed over the electrician will issue an electrical installation certificate and register the notifiable work to your local building authority.

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